We're currently based in The Solomon Islands directing diving cruises aboard the Solomon PNG Master and leading dive explorations into uncharted waters in the South Pacific, exploring untouched areas such as the islands around Bougainville. We are running marine-focused talks and extensive courses on-board the dive vessel during the 7-10 day trips. Previously we founded an NGO at a conservation orientated resort where I had my photography published in magazines, and even a hard copy called 'Island Life' was produced for the guests. 


Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have regarding on-going projects with Manta Watch Camp & Turtle Watch Camp or for any further information on other conservation programs across the South Pacific and Asia. I'd happily answer any questions when the internet is working out here! In the meantime, thanks for reading and you can check out our conservation projects by clicking the links below.

For those interested in supporting the projects but can't join us, please feel free to donate and receive an awesome information pack on Turtles and Manta Rays! Your contributions go a long way.



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