Rebecca Klant
Jan 21, 2018

Recommendations for beginners

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I'm a newbie to underwater photograpy and would like to buy a uw camera. It's for personal use and should be waterproof to at least 30m. Any recommendations?

Or does it make sense to purchase a uw housing for my existing digital camera?


Thanks for your help :)

Jan 26, 2018

Hi Rebecca,


So for a basic point and shoot I would suggest TG4/5 they are great for beginner, great macro and also very capable for wide angle especially if you are thinking of investing in a strobe for underwater lighting (highly recommended). I think it is water proof to 15m and with housings add-on to 40m. This camera is great for cost and good for fun but limits you to a beginner level.


Or you could pay a little more and go for a higher range compact. Compacts make great point and shoot cameras underwater with out he hassle of changing the lens. These top of the range compacts allow some of the features from a DSLR allowing you to further your knowledge and progress with photography. I would suggest a Canon G7X/MKII or Sony RX100 in a Fantasea housing to begin with. You can check out some of their affordable housings and wet lens ad-ons here...




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