Jan 19, 2018

Emergency Sensor Cleaning Cheats...

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Easy way to clean DSLR/Micro 4:3 sensors. Gets you out of a sticky situation... in remote areas where pro cleaning isn't available.


Important Note:

1. Do Not Use sharp or metallic objects

2. Do not use contaminated materials

3. Do not apply excessive force

4. Make sure everything is clean before useing this method even you!


This technique only applies if there is a small to medium amount of grease/pollen on the sensor or lens back. You are in the field and are unable to use traditional cleaning methods and have no access to suggested sensor cleaning solution or swabs.


The cheat is to use a cosmetic product called 'beauty blotter oil absorbing tissues' for grease/pollen removal & 'oil control film' for dust/lint. Your thinking 'I'm a single guy and don't carry around a bag full of makeup...' Well break some ice and get chatting 8/10 women will carry this product to remove oil from their skin, this works wonders for cleaning sensors in emergency situations.


When you have the blotting paper make sure not to touch any part of the paper that will touch the sensor/lens, or you will just be going round in circles smearing grease all over the sensor. So remove carefully a sleeve of blotting paper and ball it up not touching the area that will be used for cleaning. Carefully mould the paper to fit the size of sensor you have and move around in a circular and back and forth motion gently. Do not use the same paper more for more than 5-10 seconds, then repeat the process with new fresh blotting paper until sensor is clean! Excessive force is not good for sensitive sensors or lens's, so take care!



1.Removes thin layers of grease/sticky substance from sensor/lens

2.Takes up little space






1.Static build up

2.Lint build up


This is a emergency method that has worked well in the field used by my self and worked very well with great results.


To check for any last dust, lint etc... set camera to max DOF, high fStop, and low shutter while pointing at a light coloured wall or even light tone like the blue sky. So you will notice in the shot image any dust is left on the sensor. If dust is present or lint from the paper use another cosmetic product called oil control film to remove the specs, and repeat.


Hope this helps folks!!!


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