Feb 13, 2018

One small piece of advice, please :)


Hi Adam! Your photos are simply breathtaking! I have recently taken up photography, for which I am using my dad's old Yashica on film. I am planning on buying a digital camera for an outdoor project that I have come up with. Can you please recommend what would work best for an amateur that has an artistic project big in scope? What are you using, if I'm not being indiscreet? Would that suit my beginner's level?


Many thanks in advance,


Feb 23, 2018

Thanks for the kind words! Great question, firstly i use a combinations of cameras all are good for both photos and video alike. I use a Canon XA30 for all topside video shooting, which gives professional results and is a very versatile camera, but costly to house for underwater, and not really a good choice for UW. For compact UW and topside I found that the Canon G7X was a great choice for the quality of camera and real bang for your buck as a unit, while being cheap to house for UW use! I have recently moved to a slightly larger Lumix 4:3 system which is a great compromise for size, weight and professional images, but comes with a slightly higher price tag especially with the cost of the lens on top of the camera. Getting back to your point i would highly suggest the G7X or the new G7X MKII for your needs, you wont be disappointed. Please find some links below for each of the cameras i have mentioned. I hope this was helpful and please feel free to ask any questions i will answer when I am back in the land of signal!


Canon XA30

Canon G7X

Panasonic Lumix


Many thanks for your post!


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