An Interesting Safety Stop

After a really magical dive with Scorpion fish, Batfish, Stingrays & a whopping 20+ meter viz we began the ascent only to bump into this locally rare Crown Jelly fish pulsing above our heads at the 3 min safety stop with its own entrourage of small fish. Our new and eager DMT Caroline was greeted by this 650 million year old creature after our 28 meter deep dive! Here she is guiding her first certified diver in open water...

Jelly fish are a hardened and almost invincible prehistoric creature. You can find them everywhere ranging from shallow to deep depths. They have very few predators and are well known for playing dirty against their competition. These sneaky rascals have been known to eat many fish eggs and even clone themselves at any opportunity to create vast shoals! Regrettably humans have a huge environmental impact on jelly fish numbers due to the demise of their natural predators getting caught in the firing line for our commercialised fishing 'needs'. The drop in sea turtles, or salmon population has been linked to the booming number of jelly fish 'blooms' in many areas globally.

That said, this picture is taken at one of Malaysia's protected Marine Park areas called Tokong Baharah. Apart from the odd illegal fisherman and occasional ghost net turning up on the site, the reef is relatively untouched and overall a healthy reef ecosystem. This puts hope in marine reserves and we should promote their protection across the globe and help to maintain their stunning beauty!

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