The Beautiful Batu Batu Pulau Tengah

This is a short video showing the marine life and the beautiful island of Pualu Tengah in east Malaysia. The island itself was a UN refugee transit camp during 1970’s to early 1980’s for over 120,000 Vietnamese and home to the popular survial program ’Expedition Robinson’. The island now is privately owned and is home to the eco resort Batu Batu. Amongst the unique background we are still making history here today with the conservation efforts supported by the resort and our volunteers.

Me and my partner have been living here since February 2015 and have enjoyed setting up the turtle conservation project - Turtle Watch Camp - and diving with the marine life in and around this area. We have witnessed multiple types of sharks to the rarest and tiniest nudiebranches. The scenic land scape and perfect climate make it a great place for all the family. The conservation at the island eco resort is taken seriously with the birth of Working in affiliation with marine park we are increasing the survival of Green and Hawksbill Turtles due to the drop of sea turtle landings in the area by 80% in the past 5 years. We hope to see some great results in 25-30 years when the females released will come back to the area and lay their own eggs.

Stay tuned for our next adventure to Papua New Guinea!!!

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