Manta Madness!!!

Last week we teamed up with a film crew to go get some epic footage for our upcoming crowdfunding video for my new project Manta Watch Camp There's going to be some incredible footage on its way!

The company that kindly sponsored us with all of the high-tech top side equipment requested that they filmed a 45 minute documentary. We're really excited about this as the televised publicity could have a really positive impact on the project and showing the world Papua New Guinea is truly a beautiful place.

I will definitely need some support from you amazing people once our crowdfunding campaign is live, so get ready to spread the love via your networks and social media platforms!

While on the island I managed to get a few new manta's ID checked. I am happy to announce that we reached a new record of manta's to add to our ever growing database! Soon you're going to be acquainted with all of our new pelagic friends!

Im super ecited about the progress and cant wait to be based on the island with lots more tales to come!

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