Nudi Madness

This fluffy little blighter is wide spread and commonly found in Indo and Philippines. However, it is not so common in the Solomon islands! So you could imagine my excitement to find this one with a few of his mates hanging out underwater in 8m in the Florida islands. This Neon Green and Orange nudie can grow to about 12cm and the scientific/latin name is Nembrotha kubaryana.

Don't be fooled by its ultimate cuteness as this little blighter can pack quite the punch!!! It uses the toxins in its prey (sea squirts) ascidians to defend itself against predators. It stores the ascidian's toxins in its own body and then releases them in a slimy defensive mucus when angry! So it takes on the super powers of another like a real super villain!

More shots to come soon from our new adventure traveling North West thought the uncharted and unexplored waters of Bougainville and Papua New Guinea!

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