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Carmen's Marine I.D and Behaviour Speciality courses onboard Solomon PNG Master caterer to those whom want to take great photos and Identify what is the subject in the photo, more importantly  identify what the creature is doing, by studying the creatures behaviour. Carmen's Marine I.D and Behaviour custom course is perfect for beginners and experts alike, Carmen's in-depth knowledge of the ocean really sheds light on the underwater world in a way that you not have seen before.

Carmen's Marine I.D and Behaviour course has been a great success with adults looking to gain more knowledge on fish and invertebrates. She will guide you though the water identifying fish making notes, drawings and even taking photos to help identify creatures after the dive. You will learn new hand signals and extensive information on marine behaviour. We look forward to hearing for you regards your course on board today! Please click the Sign Up Now Button blow to book your course, or inquire here to our office.The course content is spilt up into sections below:

  • 2 inwater sessions

  • 2 dry session

  • Reef fish survey

  • One-to-one guidance

  • Identification techniques 

  • Maximum of 4 people in a group

  • Post Dive I.D Classes

  • Cost 150 USD PP

Don't have a camera, but still want to take part?

Not to worry I have a very capable G7X to hire at $30 per day

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