Adam Beard

I have always been fascinated with art and effects that can be created using a camera and the world as a canvas. My first camera was a 'Pentax me' and I vividly remember running to the local chemist to get last weeks images back with a free new roll of film thrown in. How times have changed but the world has not. I found this rewarding and easy to shoot with on the move when travelling the world. As I say this site is about  seeing the world in a different light, I am not trying to claim the title worlds best photographer, I just want to share some of the images I see on a daily basis with the world, if you are interested in purchasing any of the images you see please visit my store.    



I am in The Solomon Islands directing cruises with Master Liveaboards and I lead dive explorations on board MV Taka. Previously I founded NGO's at a conservation orientated resorts where I have had my photography published in magazines, documentary movies, (Chasing Coral) and publications with (World Scientific Publishing 'Island Life'). Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have regarding our last project Manta Watch Camp or Turtle Watch Camp a sustainable eco tourism program my self and partner set up for the local people of Papua New Guinea or any questions regards diving in the South pacific please visit my forum.  I'd happily answer them when the internet is working! In the meantime, thanks for reading and you can check out my conservation projects below, or for those keen divers join us on board the MV Taka!