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About Anchor

Hi. I'm Adam.

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Explore the diverse waters and rich ecosystems through the lens of your camera. Capturing these unforgettable moments allows you to etch the beauty of nature into lasting memories. Connect with us to elevate your photography skills and embark on a journey to the next level, suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.

As a lifelong admirer of art and the creative possibilities of photography, my journey began with a 'Pentax me' camera. I fondly recall the excitement of picking up developed film from the local chemist, a stark contrast to the digital lightrooms on our personal computers today.

If you're an aspiring underwater photographer seeking to refine your technique, or if you're just starting your photographic journey, consider our tailored masterclasses designed to meet your preferences, regardless of your skill level. Experience personalized 1-2-1 coaching to enhance your photography skills while advancing your knowledge in diver training and safety.

Having directed cruises, led expeditions in remote locations, and captured moments along the way, I recognized the opportunity to assist photographers of all levels in honing their skills. In just a few sessions, I condensed tips, tricks, and knowledge accumulated from working with industry-leading photographers, film producers, and documentary creators. Our bite-sized masterclasses consistently deliver great results, empowering photographers at every stage to refine their craft.

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