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About Anchor

Hi. I'm Adam.

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The diverse waters and rich ecosystems need to be remembered, what better way than to take photos or videos of your adventures. So get in touch to take your photo skills to the next level and capture unforgettable moments.

I have always been fascinated with art and effects that can be created using a camera and the world as a canvas. My first camera was a 'Pentax me', and I vividly remember running to the local chemist to get last week’s images back with a free new roll of film thrown in. How times have changed! Now, all darkrooms are digital lightrooms on our personal computers. 

If you’re a budding underwater photographer and wish to enhance your technique, I create bespoke masterclasses catering to your preferences, no matter what level. You’ll get to improve your photography techniques and up your knowledge via personalised 1-2-1 coaching, whilst extending diver training and safety.

During my time directing cruises, leading adventurous expeditions in remote locations, and capturing moments along the way, it became apparent I could really help photographers improve their skills, or learn creative flair in just a few simple sessions. So I condensed tips, tricks and knowledge that I have accumulated from working closely with industry leading photographers, film and documentary producers over the years and condensed this knowledge into bespoke bite-sized masterclasses, getting great results every time and helping intermediate to advanced photographers tone their skills.

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