Underwater Masterclass

Shooting underwater photographs has taken me years to adapt to and even now I find there's so much more to learn. There's always room for improvement and this is just one of the many reasons why underwater photography is so appealing. During my time directing cruises and working in the dive industry, it became apparent I could really help your average photographer improve their techniques or creative flair in just a few simple sessions. So I condensed tips, tricks and knowledge that I have accumulated by working closely with professional photographers over the years and condensed all this knowledge into a easy and interactive personalised 5 session course. 

The A. Beard Photography course consists of 4 in-water sessions and 1 dry session. Sites are chosen in-between the signature dive sites offered on your trip and will not interfere with the diving holiday you have been looking forward to . 

Depending on your skill level, the course is tailored to suit your preferred area of focus. If you are interested in macro, wide, or technical photography, the course will be creatively shaped to fit your goals. The basic overview of the course covers all aspects of taking great photos every dive, including buoyancy & finning techniques, to help improve your composition. Some of you may chuckle when learning about buoyancy, but I guarantee you'll finish up by mastering what seems impossible manoeuvres,  such as back finning, sculling or modified cave finning all of which will improve your photography exponentially and make you a more confident diver! You will also master the correct use of light, both artificial & natural and I will  teach you about caring for the environment around you whilst you attempt those post-card perfect shots. For those with compact cameras, SLR & 4:3, this course  has had great results from all those that have signed up so far. Please click the Sign Up Now Button below to book your course, or enquire here and we will get back to your request when we reach signal! 

Don't have a camera, but still want to take part?

Not to worry I have a very capable G7X to hire at $30 per day