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Introduction to
Underwater Photography.

Underwater photo masterclass
St Lucia - Rusty Goibe

What to expect... 

Depending on your skill level, the course is tailored to suit your preferred area of focus. If you are interested in macro, wide, or technical photography, the course will be creatively shaped to fit your goals.


The basic overview of the course covers all aspects of taking great photos every dive, you will understand the correct use of light, both artificial & natural and learn more about how to find those rare weird and wonderful critters. 

For those with compact cameras, SLR & 4:3, this course has had wonderful results and excellent guest feedback. Please Contact Us to book your course, or enquire here and we will get back to your request when we are back from diving.

Course outline

  • 4 inwater sessions

  • 2 dry session

  • One-to-one guidance

  • Camera Care and Maintenance workshop

  • Introduction in to Post Production Course

  • Course review and quiz

Course perquisites 

  • Open Water Diver

  • 50 dives or more

  • Own camera equipment (compact, 4:3, mirrorless, or SLR)


  • At least 1 strobe Or light source

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