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Post productions has been the subject of many grey areas as it generally feels 'fake' to the ones whom are uncomfortable useing it or have never used it. Rest assured there is not need to feel bad from useing post production software to enhance or shape an image how you see fit to reminisce or capture a moment, every magazine, book, producer and photographer uses the power of post production products such as: Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity, DxO,  Aperture and so on...'

These days having the power of these apps will only continue to improve and enhance the media you capture with todays ever growing technology.


The A. Beard Post Production course consists of 2 sessions, 1 in water session one-to-one to capture a new image you would like to work on and 1 out of water 1 hour sessions to create the image you had envisioned. Further sessions can be added onto the course to cater to your needs.

This course will help you import, organise and edit your prize winning images to the highest standards possible with the software of your choice. My suggestion is to learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom however, this can be covered in course if your short for time. You can download a free 7 day trial here.

For those with compact cameras, SLR & 4:3 this course despite not being a official governed course has had great results from all those that have signed up so far. We look forward to hearing from you regards your course on board today! Please click the Sign Up Now Button blow to book your course, or inquire here to our office.

  • 1 in-water session

  • 1 dry session

  • One-to-one guidance

  • Tips and Tricks 

  • Maximum of 4 people in a group

  • Introduction in to A. Beard Photography course

  • Cost 175 USD PP

Don't have a camera, but still want to take part?

Not to worry I have a very capable G7X to hire at $30 per day