Underwater Masterclass

Video footage can be very effective when produced in the right way for the desired crowd/purpose. Producing effective video footage topside and underwater is something many people stray away from because of the fear of the 'red button'. Perhaps you are already an accomplished photographer but have always wanted to dip into the video capability of your DSLR or compact camera. Well this course will help you relate to any prior knowledge with photography and bring it into terms with moving images. 

The A.Beard Videography course consists of 6 sessions, 3 in water coaching sessions to help capture a particular sequence you would like to work on and cut in to a final production your proud of to post online or the perfect memory for your trip away to show friends and family.

This course will help you import, organise and edit your video. The course is catered to your level using Apple Final Cut Pro, or iMovie for apple users My suggestion is to learn the basics of Final Cut Pro or alternatively iMovie FCPX can be downloaded for all mac users with systems running macOS 10.12.4 or later, 4GB of RAM. You can download a free 30 day trial here.

For those useing PC there are very good alternatives out there such Davinci Resolve available for mac and PC alike. To download your free trial click here

For those with compact cameras, SLR & 4:3 this course despite not being a official governed course has had great results from all those that have signed up so far. We look forward to hearing for you regards your course on board today! Please click the Sign Up Now Button blow to book your course, or inquire here to our office.

  • 3 inwater sessions

  • 3 dry session

  • One-to-one guidance

  • Tips and Tricks 

  • Maximum of 4 people in a group

  • Post production and video editing

  • Cost 320 USD PP

Don't have a camera, but still want to take part?

Not to worry I have a very capable G7X to hire at $30 per day